Eugene Field

Here you will find the Poem At Cheyenne of poet Eugene Field

At Cheyenne

Young Lochinvar came in from the West,
 With fringe on his trousers and fur on his vest; 
 The width of his hat-brim could nowhere be beat, 
 His No. 

brogans were chuck full of feet, 
 His girdle was horrent with pistols and things, 
 And he flourished a handful of aces on kings. 
 The fair Mariana sate watching a star, 
 When who should turn up but the young Lochinvar! 
 Her pulchritude gave him a pectoral glow, 
 And he reined up his hoss with stentorian "Whoa!" 
 Then turned on the maiden a rapturous grin, 
 And modestly asked if he might n't step in. 
 With presence of mind that was marvellous quite, 
 The fair Mariana replied that he might; 
 So in through the portal rode young Lochinvar, 
 Pre-empted the claim, and cleaned out the bar. 
 Though the justice allowed he wa'n't wholly to blame, 
 He taxed him ten dollars and costs, just the same.