Franklin P. Adams

Here you will find the Poem His Monument of poet Franklin P. Adams

His Monument

Horace: Book III, Ode 30

"Exegi monumentum aere perennius---"

The monument that I have built is durable as brass, 
And loftier than the Pyramids which mock the years that pass. 
No blizzard can destroy it, nor furious rain corrode-- 
Remember, I'm the bard who built the first Horatian Ode.

I shall not altogether die; a part of me's immortal. 
A part of me shall never pass the mortuary portal; 
And when I die my fame shall stand the nitric test of time-- 
The fame of me of lowly birth, who built the lofty rhyme!

Ay, fame shall be my portion when no trace there is of me, 
For I first madeÆolian songs the songs of Italy. 
Accept I pray, Melpomene, my modest meed of praise, 
And crowm my thinning, graying locks with wreathes of Delphic bays!