Franklin P. Adams

Here you will find the Poem I Remember, I Remember of poet Franklin P. Adams

I Remember, I Remember

I remember, I remember 
The house where I was born; 
The rent was thirty-two a month, 
Which made my father mourn. 
He said he could remember when 
His father paid the rent; 
And when a man's expenses did 
Not take his every cent.

I remember, I remember-- 
My mother telling my cousin 
That eggs had gone to twenty-six 
Or seven cents a dozen; 
And how she told my father that 
She didn't like to speak 
Of things like that, but Bridget now 
Demanded four a week.

I remember, I remember-- 
And with a mirthless laugh-- 
My weekly board at college took 
A jump to three and a half.

I bought an eighteen-dollar suit, 
And father told me, "Sonny, 
I'll pay the bill this time, but, Oh, 
I am not made out of money!"

I remember, I remember, 
When I was young and brave 
And I declared, "Well, Birdie, we 
Shall now begin to save." 
It was a childish ignorance, 
But now 'tis little joy 
To know I'm farther off from wealth 
Than when I was a boy.