Franklin P. Adams

Here you will find the Poem I'm Out of the Army Now of poet Franklin P. Adams

I'm Out of the Army Now

When first I doffed my olive drab, 
I thought, delightfully though mutely, 
"Henceforth I shall have pleasure ab- 

Dull with the drudgery of war, 
Sick of the name of fighting, 
I yearned, I thought, for something more 

The rainbow be my guide, quoth I; 
My suit shall be a brave and proud one 
Gay-hued my socks; and oh, my tie 
A loud one.

For me the theater and the dance; 
Primrose the path I would be wending; 
For me the roses of romance 

Those were my inner thoughts that day 
(And those of many another million) 
When once again I should be a 

I would not miss the o.d.; 
(Monotony I didn't much like) 
I would not miss the reveille, 
And such the like.

I don't . . . And do I now enjoy 
My walks along the primrose way so? 
Is civil life the life? Oh, boy, 
I'll say so.