Franklin P. Adams

Here you will find the Poem The Jazzy Bard of poet Franklin P. Adams

The Jazzy Bard

Labor is a thing I do not like; 
Workin's makes me want to go on strike; 
Sittin' in an office on a sunny afternoon, 
Thinkin o' nothin' but a ragtime tune.

'Cause I got the blues, I said I got the blues, 
I got the paragraphic blues, 
Been a'sittin' here since ha' pas' ten, 
Bitin' a hole in my fountain pen; 
Brain's all stiff in the creakin' joints, 
Can't make up no wheezes on the fourteen points; 
Can't think o' nothin' 'bout the end o' booze, 
'Cause I got the para--, I said I got the paragraphic, I mean the column constructin' blues.