George Gascoigne

Here you will find the Poem Sonnet I of poet George Gascoigne

Sonnet I

IN haste, post haste, when first my wandering mind 
Beheld the glistring Court with gazing eye, 
Such deep delights I seemed therein to find, 
As might beguile a graver guest than I. 
The stately pomp of Princes and their peers 
Did seem to swim in floods of beaten gold; 
The wanton world of young delightful year 
Was not unlike a heaven for to behold, 
Wherein did swarm (for every saint) a Dame 
So fair of hue, so fresh of their attire, 
As might excel Dame Cynthia for Fame, 
Or conquer Cupid with his own desire. 
These and such like baits that blazed still 
Before mine eye, to feed my greedy will.