George Gascoigne

Here you will find the Poem Sonnet IV of poet George Gascoigne

Sonnet IV

To prink me up, and make me higher placed, 
All came too late that tarried any time; 
Piles of provision pleased not my taste, 
They made my heels too heavy for to climb. 
Methought it best that boughs of boistrous oak 
Should first be shread to make my feathers gay, 
Till at the last a deadly dinting stroke 
Brought down the bulk with edgetools of decay. 
Of every farm I then let fly a leaf 
To feed the purse that paid for peevishnesss, 
Till rent and all were fallen in such disease, 
As scarce could serve to maintain cleanliness; 
They bought the body, fine, farm, leaf, and land; 
All were too little for the merchant's hand.