George Gascoigne

Here you will find the Poem The Looks Of A Lover Enamoured of poet George Gascoigne

The Looks Of A Lover Enamoured

THOU, with thy looks, on whom I look full oft, 
And find therein great cause of deep delight, 
Thy face is fair, thy skin is smooth and soft, 
Thy lips are sweet, thine eyes are clear and bright, 
And every part seems pleasant in my sight; 
Yet wote thou well, those looks have wrought my woe, 
Because I love to look upon them so. 

For first those looks allured mine eye to look, 
And straight mine eye stirred up my heart to love; 
And cruel love, with deep deceitful hook, 
Choked up my mind, whom fancy cannot move, 
Nor hope relieve, nor other help behoove 
But still to look; and though I look too much, 
Needs must I look because I see none such. 

Thus in thy looks my love and life have hold; 
And with such life my death draws on apace: 
And for such death no med'cine can be told 
But looking still upon thy lovely face, 
Wherein are painted pity, peace, and grace. 
Then though thy looks should cause me for to die, 
Needs must I look, because I live thereby. 

Since then thy looks my life have so in thrall 
As I can like none other looks but thine, 
Lo, here I yield my life, my love, and all 
Into thy hands, and all things else resign 
But liberty to gaze upon thine eyen: 
Which when I do, then think it were thy part 
To look again, and link with me in heart.