George Meredith

Here you will find the Poem Modern Love XLI: How Many a Thing of poet George Meredith

Modern Love XLI: How Many a Thing

How many a thing which we cast to the ground, 
When others pick it up becomes a gem! 
We grasp at all the wealth it is to them; 
And by reflected light its worth is found. 
Yet for us still 'tis nothing! and that zeal 
Of false appreciation quickly fades. 
This truth is little known to human shades, 
How rare from their own instinct 'tis to feel! 
They waste the soul with spurious desire, 
That is not the ripe flame upon the bough. 
We two have taken up a lifeless vow 
To rob a living passion: dust for fire! 
Madam is grave, and eyes the clock that tells 
Approaching midnight. We have struck despair 
Into two hearts. O, look we like a pair 
Who for fresh nuptials joyfully yield all else?