George Moses Horton

Here you will find the Poem Memory of poet George Moses Horton


Sweet memory, like a pleasing dream, 
Still lends a dull and feeble ray; 
For ages with her vestige teems, 
When beauty's trace is worn away. 

When pleasure, with her harps unstrung, 
Sits silent to be heard no more, 
Or leaves them on the willows hung, 
And pass-time glee forever o'er; 

Still back in smiles thy glory steals 
With ev'ning dew drops from thine eye; 
The twilight bursting from thy wheels, 
Ascends and bids oblivion fly. 

Memory, thy bush prevails to bloom, 
Design'd to fade, no, never, never, 
Will stamp thy vestige on the tomb, 
And bid th' immortal live forever. 

When youth's bright sun has once declined 
And bid his smiling day expire, 
Mem'ry, thy torch steals up behind, 
And sets thy hidden stars on fire.