George Moses Horton

Here you will find the Poem On The Conversion Of A Sister of poet George Moses Horton

On The Conversion Of A Sister

'Tis the voice of my sister at home, 
Resign'd to the treasures above, 
Inviting the strangers to come, 
And feast at the banquet of love. 

'Tis a spirit cut loose from its chain, 
'Tis the voice of a culprit forgiven, 
Restored from a prison of pain, 
With th' sound of a concert from heaven. 

'Tis a beam from the regions of light, 
A touch of beatific fire; 
A spirit exulting for flight, 
With a strong and impatient desire. 

'Tis a drop from the ocean of love, 
A foretaste of pleasures to come, 
Distill'd from the fountain above, 
The joy which awaits her at home.