Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Here you will find the Poem The Deluge of poet Gilbert Keith Chesterton

The Deluge

Though giant rains put out the sun, 
Here stand I for a sign. 
Though earth be filled with waters dark, 
My cup is filled with wine. 
Tell to the trembling priests that here 
Under the deluge rod, 
One nameless, tattered, broken man 
Stood up, and drank to God. 

Sun has been where the rain is now, 
Bees in the heat to hum, 
Haply a humming maiden came, 
Now let the deluge come: 
Brown of aureole, green of garb, 
Straight as a golden rod, 
Drink to the throne of thunder now! 
Drink to the wrath of God. 

High in the wreck I held the cup, 
I clutched my rusty sword, 
I cocked my tattered feather 
To the glory of the Lord. 
Not undone were the heaven and earth, 
This hollow world thrown up, 
Before one man had stood up straight, 
And drained it like a cup.