Gilbert White

Here you will find the Poem A Harvest Scene of poet Gilbert White

A Harvest Scene

Wak'd by the gentle gleamings of the morn, 
Soon clad, the reaper, provident of want 
Hies cheerful hearted to the ripen'd field; 
Nor hastes alone; attendant by his side 
His faithful wife, sole partner of his cares, 
Bears on her breast the sleeping babe; behind 
With steps unequal trips her infant train: 
Thrice happy pair, in love and labour join'd! -- 
All day they ply their task; with mutual chat 
Beguiling each the sultry, tedious hours: 
Around them falls in rows the sever'd corn, 
Or the shocks rise in regular array. 
But when high noon invites to short repast 
Beneath the shade of sheltering thorn they sit, 
Divide the simple meal, and drain the cask: 
The swinging cradle lulls the whimpering babe, 
Meantime; while growling round, if at the tread 
Of hasty passenger alarm'd, as of their store 
Protective, stalks the cur with bristling back, 
To guard the scanty scrip and russet frock.