Giles Fletcher Senior

Here you will find the Poem Licia Sonnets 01 of poet Giles Fletcher Senior

Licia Sonnets 01

Bright matchless star, the honour of the sky, 
From whose clear shine heaven's vault hath all his light, 
I send these poems to your graceful eye; 
Do you but take them, and they have their right. 
I build besides a temple to your name, 
Wherein my thoughts shall daily sing your praise; 
And will erect an altar for the same, 
Which shall your virtues and your honour raise. 
But heaven the temple of your honour is, 
Whose brasen tops your worthy self made proud; 
The ground an altar, base for such a bliss 
With pity torn, because I sighed so loud. 
And since my skill no worship can impart, 
Make you an incense of my loving heart. 

Sad, all alone, not long I musing sat, 
But that my thoughts compelled me to aspire; 
A laurel garland in my hand I gat, 
So the Muses I approached the nigher. 
My suit was this, a poet to become, 
To drink with them, and from the heavens be fed. 
Phoebus denied, and sware there was no room, 
Such to be poets as fond fancy led. 
With that I mourned and sat me down to weep; 
Venus she smiled, and smiling to me said, 
Come drink with me, and sit thee still, and sleep. 
This voice I heard; and Venus I obeyed. 
That poison sweet hath done me all this wrong, 
For now of love must needs be all my song.