Giles Fletcher Senior

Here you will find the Poem Licia Sonnets 04 of poet Giles Fletcher Senior

Licia Sonnets 04

Love and my love did range the forest wild, 
Mounted alike, upon swift coursers both. 
Love her encountered, though he was a child. 
"Let's strive," saith he, whereat my love was wroth, 
And scorned the boy, and checked him with a smile. 
"I mounted am, and arméd with my spear; 
Thou art too weak, thyself do not beguile; 
I could thee conquer if I naked were." 
With this love wept, and then my love replied: 
"Kiss me, sweet boy, so weep my boy no more." 
Thus did my love, and then her force she tried; 
Love was made ice, that fire was before. 
A kiss of hers, as I, poor soul, do prove, 
Can make the hottest freeze and coldest love.