Harold Hart Crane

Here you will find the Poem Recitative of poet Harold Hart Crane


Regard the capture here, 0 Janus-faced, 
As double as the hands that twist this glass. 
Such eves at search or rest you cannot see; 
Reciting pain or glee, how can you bear! 

Twin shadowed halves: the breaking, second holds t, 
In each the skin alone, and so it is 
I crust a plate of vibrant mercury 
Borne cleft to you, and brother in the half. 

Inquire this much-exacting fragment smile, 
Its drums and darkest blowing leaves ignore,- 
Defer though, revocation of the tears 
That yield attendance to one crucial sign. 

Look steadily-how the wind feasts and spins 
The brain's disk shivered against lust. Then watch 
While darkness, like an ape's face, falls away, 
And gradually white buildings answer day. 

Let the same nameless gulf beleaguer us- 
Alike suspend us from atrocious sums 
Built floor by floor on shafts of steel that grant 
The plummet heart, like Absalom, no stream. 

The highest tower,-let her ribs palisade 
Wrenched gold of Nineveh;-yet leave the tower. 
The bridge swings over salvage, beyond wharves; 
A wind abides the ensign of your will . . . 

In alternating bells have you not heard 
All hours clapped dense into a single stride? 
Forgive me for an echo of these things, 
And let us walk through time with equal pride.