Harold Hart Crane

Here you will find the Poem Voyages IV of poet Harold Hart Crane

Voyages IV

Whose counted smile of hours and days, suppose 
I know as spectrum of the sea and pledge 
Vastly now parting gulf on gulf of wings 
Whose circles bridge, I know, (from palms to the severe 
Chilled albatross's white immutability) 
No stream of greater love advancing now 
Than, singing, this mortality alone 
Through clay aflow immortally to you. 

All fragrance irrefragably, and claim 
Madly meeting logically in this hour 
And region that is ours to wreathe again, 
Portending eyes and lips and making told 
The chancel port and portion of our June- 

Shall they not stem and close in our own steps 
Bright staves of flowers and quills today as I 
Must first be lost in fatal tides to tell? 

In signature of the incarnate word 
The harbor shoulders to resign in mingling 
.Mutual blood, transpiring as foreknown 
And widening noon within your breast for gathering 
All bright insinuations that my years have caught 
For islands where must lead inviolably 
Blue latitudes and levels of your eyes,- 

In this expectant, still exclaim receive 
The secret oar and petals of all love.