Henry Lawson

Here you will find the Poem At the Tug-0-War of poet Henry Lawson

At the Tug-0-War

?Twas in a tug-of-war where I?the guvnor?s hope and pride?
Stepped proudly on the platform as the ringer on my side;
Old dad was in his glory there?it gave the old man joy
To fight a passage through the crowd and barrack for his boy. 
A friend came up and said to me, `Put out your muscles, John,
And pull them to eternity?your guvnor?s looking on.?
I paused before I grasped the rope, and glanced around the place,
And, foremost in the waiting crowd, I saw the old man?s face. 

My mates were strong and plucky chaps, but very soon I knew
That our opponents had the weight and strength to pull them through;
The boys were losing surely and defeat was very near,
When, high above the mighty roar, I heard the old man cheer! 

I felt my muscles swelling when the old man cheer?d for me,
I felt as though I?d burst my heart, or gain the victory!
I shouted, `Now! Together!? and a steady strain replied,
And, with a mighty heave, I helped to beat the other side! 

Oh! how the old man shouted in his wild, excited joy!
I thought he?d burst his boiler then, a-cheering for his boy;
The chaps, oh! how they cheered me, while the girls all smiled so kind,
They praised me, little dreaming, how the old man pulled behind. 

. . . . .
He barracks for his boy no more?his grave is old and green,
And sons have grown up round me since he vanished from the scene;
But, when the cause is worthy where I fight for victory,
In fancy still I often hear the old man cheer for me.