Biography Henry VIII Tudor

Henry VIII Tudor

photo of Henry VIII Tudor
  • Time Period1491 - 1547
  • PlaceLondon
  • CountryEngland

Poet Biography

After his elder brother died, Henry became next in line to be King. His father(King Henry VII) died in 1509 and the 18 year old Prince became King.

Henry was seen to be (in that era) vigorous and hansome. He was an incredible athelete and loved jousting and hunting.

He was also considered to be a very well educated man, he spoke 4 languages, wrote poetry, and knew a lot about religion studying also latin, maths, music, astronomy and cosmology. .

Famous for his love of music. He was a keen musician, composer and singer. It is said that he owned

10 trombones,

14 trumpets,

5 bagpipes,

76 recorders and

78 flutes!

He composed many pieces of music, one was called

‘Helas Madame’ and he is said to have written a famous tune called ‘Greensleeves’ (although most historians now don’t think he did)

By many he was thought a terrible and cruel King. He executed anyone who disagreed with him (including two of his wives!) To some, Henry VIII was a strong and ruthless ruler, forcing through changes to the Church-State relationship which excluded the papacy and brought the clergy under control, thus strengthening the Crown's position and acquiring the monasteries' wealth.

However, Henry's reformation had produced dangerous Protestant-Roman Catholic differences in the kingdom. The monasteries' wealth had been spent on wars and had also built up the economic strength of the aristocracy and other families in the counties, which in turn was to encourage ambitious Tudor court factions. Significantly, Parliament's involvement in making religious and dynastic changes had been firmly established. For all his concern over establishing his dynasty and the resulting religious upheaval, Henry's six marriages had produced one sickly son and an insecure succession with two princesses (Mary and Elizabeth) who at one stage had been declared illegitimate - none of whom were to have children.

Overweight, irascible and in failing health, Henry died in London on 28 January 1547.