Hilaire Belloc

Here you will find the Poem Introduction: More Beasts for Worse Children of poet Hilaire Belloc

Introduction: More Beasts for Worse Children

The parents of the learned child 
(His father and his mother) 
Were utterly aghast to note 
The facts he would at random quote 
On creatures curious, rare, and wild; 
And wondering, ask each other: 
'An idle little child like this, 
How is it that he knows 
What years of close analysis 
Are powerless to disclose? 
Our brains are trained, our books are big, 
And yet we always fail 
To answer why the Guinea-pig 
Is born without a tail. 
Or why the Wanderoo should rant 
In wild, unmeaning rhymes, 
Whereas the Indian Elephant 
Will only read The Times. 
Perhaps he found a way to slip 
Unnoticed to the Zoo, 
And gave the Pachyderm a tip, 
Or pumped the Wanderoo. 
Or even by an artful plan 
Deceived our watchful eyes, 
And interviewed the Pelican, 
Who is extremely wise.' 
'Oh! no,' said he, in humble tone, 
With shy but conscious look, 
'Such facts I never could have known 
But for this little book.'