Howard Nemerov

Here you will find the Poem The Vacuum of poet Howard Nemerov

The Vacuum

The house is so quiet now 
The vacuum cleaner sulks in the corner closet, 
Its bag limp as a stopped lung, its mouth 
Grinning into the floor, maybe at my 
Slovenly life, my dog-dead youth. 

I?ve lived this way long enough, 
But when my old woman died her soul 
Went into that vacuum cleaner, and I can?t bear 
To see the bag swell like a belly, eating the dust 
And the woolen mice, and begin to howl 

Because there is old filth everywhere 
She used to crawl, in the corner and under the stair. 
I know now how life is cheap as dirt, 
And still the hungry, angry heart 
Hangs on and howls, biting at air.