James B.V. Thomson

Here you will find the Poem Two Sonnets of poet James B.V. Thomson

Two Sonnets


"Why are your songs all wild and bitter sad 
As funeral dirges with the orphans' cries? 
Each night since first the world was made hath had 
A sequent day to laugh it down the skies. 
Chant us a glee to make our hearts rejoice, 
Or seal in silence this unmanly moan." 
My friend, I have no power to rule my voice -- 
A spirit lifts me where I lie alone, 
And thrills me into song by its own laws; 
That which I feel, but seldom know, indeed 
Tempering the melody it could not cause. 
The bleeding heart cannot forever bleed 
Inwardly solely; on the wan lips, too, 
Dark blood will bubble ghastly into view. 


Striving to sing glad songs, I but attain 
Wild discords sadder than Grief's saddest tune; 
As if an owl with his harsh screech should strain 
To over-gratulate a thrush of June. 
The nightingale upon its thorny spray 
Finds inspiration in the sullen dark; 
The kindling dawn, the world-wide joyous day 
Are inspiration to the soaring lark; 
The seas are silent in the sunny calm, 
Their anthem surges in the tempest boom; 
The skies outroll no solemn thunder psalm 
Till they have clothed themselves with clouds of gloom. 
My mirth can laugh and talk, but cannot sing; 
My grief finds harmonies in everything.