James Brunton Stephens

Here you will find the Poem Day of poet James Brunton Stephens


Linger, oh Sun, for a little, nor close yet this day of a million! 
   Is there not glory enough in the rose-curtained halls of the West? 
Hast thou no joy in the passion-hued folds of thy kingly pavilion? 
   Why shouldst thou only pass through it? Oh rest thee a little while, rest! 

Why should the Night come and take it, the wan Night that cannot enjoy it, 
   Bringing pale argent for golden, and changing vermilion to grey? 
Why should the Night come and shadow it, entering but to destroy it? 
   Rest 'mid thy ruby-trailed splendours! Oh stay thee a little while, stay! 

Rest thee at least a brief hour in it! 'Tis a right royal pavilion. 
   Lo, there are thrones for high dalliance all gloriously canopied o'er! 
Lo, there are hangings of purple, and hangings of blue and vermilion, 
   And there are fleeces of gold for thy feet on the diapered floor! 

Linger, a little while linger. To-morrow my heart may not sing to thee: 
   This shall be Yesterday, numbered with memories, folded away. 
Now should my flesh-fettered soul be set free! I would soar to thee, 
   cling to thee, 
   And be thy rere-ward Aurora, pursuing the skirts of To-day!