James Clerk Maxwell

Here you will find the Poem Reply to the Above, by F.W.F. of poet James Clerk Maxwell

Reply to the Above, by F.W.F.

"Te quoque vatem dicunt pastores."?VIRGIL.

O Maxwell, if by reason?s strength
And studying of Babbage,
You have transformed yourself at length
Into a mental cabbage;
And if I've proved myself a lark
At morn and blushing even,
By soaring like a music-spark
Thro? sapphire fields of Heaven,

Our diverse fates are now reversed
By strange metempsychosis,
Into a cabbage I have burst
And scorn poetic posies;
But you a lark with twinkling wings
O?er violet-banks are soaring;
Your voice the dewy rose-cloud rings
While Statics me are boring.

Yet cabbage as I will?on earth
My roots I cannot anchor,
For at my mathematic birth
Was also born a canker!
It soon will gnaw my roots away-?
But when I weigh a ch?nix
I?ll freely soar to realms of day
An emerald cabbage-Ph?nix.

Then talk not of the Poll to me,
I hate, detest, and scorn it;
I am as earnest as a bee,
But savage as a hornet.
And if they pluck me I will drown
Each pedant in a sonnet,
And of their pluckings make a crown
With golden plumes upon it.

So if my cabbage growth be slow
I'll try to be a carrot,
Or still remain a lark?but know
I'll not be Poll, or Parrot.
Then if I fall beneath the mark,
I?ll shout with accent savage,
"It is a lark to be a lark,
?Tis green to be a cabbage"