Biography Johann Ludwig Uhland

Johann Ludwig Uhland

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  • Time Period1787 - 1862
  • Place
  • CountryGermany

Poet Biography

Johann Ludwig Uhland was born the 26th of April, 1787 in Tübingen, Germany. He was educated and became a prominant figure in the school at Tübingen
Unland, spent a year in Paris, (1810-11) studying as a lawyer, after this for the following two years he became secretary in the Ministry of Justice in Stuttgart.
Uhland married Emilie Vi (1799 - 1881) from Cawl, the daughter of a reputible trading family.

In 1829 he became the Professor for the deptment of language and literature in Tübingen. A positition he held until 1838, when he resigned his position to become a private scholar.

Uhland died on the 13th November 1862 in Tübingen.