John Donne

Here you will find the Poem Holy Sonnet II: As Due by Many Titles of poet John Donne

Holy Sonnet II: As Due by Many Titles

As due by many titles I resigne 
My selfe to thee, O God, first I was made 
By thee, and for thee, and when I was decay'd 
Thy blood bought that, the which before was thine; 
I am thy sonne, made with thy selfe to shine, 
Thy servant, whose paines thou hast still repaid, 
Thy sheepe, thine Image, and, till I betray'd 
My selfe, a temple of thy Spirit divine; 
Why doth the devill then usurpe on mee? 
Why doth he steale, nay ravish that's thy right? 
Except thou rise and for thine own worke fight, 
Oh I shall soone despaire, when I doe see 
That thou lov'st mankind well, yet wilt'not chuse me, 
And Satan hates mee, yet is loth to lose me.