John Donne

Here you will find the Poem Holy Sonnet VIII: If Faithfull Soules of poet John Donne

Holy Sonnet VIII: If Faithfull Soules

If faithfull soules be alike glorifi'd 
As Angels, then my fathers soul doth see, 
And adds this even to full felecitie, 
That valiantly I hels wide mouth o'stride: 
But if our mindes to these soules be descry'd 
By circumstances, and by signes that be 
Apparent in us, not immediately, 
How shall my mindes white truth by them be try'd? 
They see idolatrous lovers weepe and mourne, 
And vile blasphemous Conjurers to call 
On Jesus name, and Pharisaicall 
Dissemblers feigne devotion. Then turne 
O pensive soule, to God, for he knows best 
Thy true griefe, for he put it in my breast.