John Keats

Here you will find the Poem Hither, Hither, Love of poet John Keats

Hither, Hither, Love

HITHER hither, love---
 'Tis a shady mead---
Hither, hither, love!
 Let us feed and feed!

Hither, hither, sweet---
 'Tis a cowslip bed---
Hither, hither, sweet!
 'Tis with dew bespread!

Hither, hither, dear
 By the breath of life,
Hither, hither, dear!---
 Be the summer's wife!

Though one moment's pleasure
 In one moment flies---
Though the passion's treasure
 In one moment dies;---

Yet it has not passed---
 Think how near, how near!---
And while it doth last,
 Think how dear, how dear!

Hither, hither, hither
 Love its boon has sent---
If I die and wither
 I shall die content!