Joseph Furphy

Here you will find the Poem Autograph Verses of poet Joseph Furphy

Autograph Verses

'Prove what Life can give of gladness; 
Seek for aught that merits trust ? 
All thy mirth will turn to sadness, 
All thy bliss to cold disgust. 
Soon revolving years will banish 
Fairest hopes, in darkness laid; 
Earthly treasures soon must vanish, 
Strength and beauty fail and fade.' 

Thus, life-weary, spake the preacher, 
Closing his misguided quest. 
Heed him not, the half-truth teacher, 
Deaf to Love's supreme behest. 
But with Faith thy life adorning, 
Serve thy race as Heaven hath plann'd; 
Sow thy seed at dawn of morning, 
Nor at evening stay thy hand. 
Never shall this path seem weary; 
Never hath such purpose fail'd; 
Nor the retrospect proved dreary, 
When Life's furthest heights are scaled. 
And in bright realms still above thee, 
On some ever-verdant shore, 
Those thou servest, and who love thee, 
Shall rejoin, to part no more.