Katharine Tynan

Here you will find the Poem Autumnal of poet Katharine Tynan


THE Autumn leaves are dying quietly, 
Scarlet and orange, underfoot they lie; 
They had their youth and prime 
And now's the dying time; 
Alas, alas, the young, the beloved, must die! 

They are dying like the leaves of Autumn fast, 
Scattered and broken, blown on every blast: 
The darling young, the brave, 
Love had no power to save. 
Poor Love-lies-bleeding, Love's in ruins, downcast. 

Alas, alas, the Autumn leaves are flying! 
They had their Summer and 'tis time for dying. 
But these had barely Spring. 
Love trails a broken wing, 
Walks through deserted woods, moaning and sighing.