Katharine Tynan

Here you will find the Poem Resurrection of poet Katharine Tynan


Now the golden daffodil
Lifts from earth his shining head
That was lately frozen still
In the gardens of the dead. 

Sing to the Lord a new song! 
Roundelays and virelays, 
Who hath slain Death and is young
Master of your holidays. 

Now from places underground
Gold and purple folk will go
Haled by the shrill trumpet sound
From their wormy beds below. 

Now the stone is from the tomb! 
Now 'tis Easter and the morn! 
Christ the Lord of Life is come, 
Hath slain Death, and Life is born. 

Christ the Lord of Life new-risen, 
Calls the sleepers that they rise--
From the unnumbered graves, break prison, 
Follow Him to Paradise. 

Who be then these shining ones
Dancing with a heavenly mirth, 
The King's daughters, the King's sons, 
Fairer than the folk of earth? 

Graves are busier than a hive
The wind blows, the sun is warm; 
Now the dead are come alive--
Loosed is many a golden swarm. 

Sing to the Lord a new song! 
The Sun's risen in our East; 
Christ the Lord of Life is young. 
And the young sit to the feast.