Katherine Philips

Here you will find the Poem To my dear Sister, Mrs. C. P. on her Nuptial of poet Katherine Philips

To my dear Sister, Mrs. C. P. on her Nuptial

We will not like those men our offerings pay 
Who crown the cup, then think they crown the day. 
We make no garlands, nor an altar build, 
Which help not Joy, but Ostentation yield. 
Where mirth is justly grounded these wild toyes 
Are but a troublesome, and empty noise. 

But these shall be my great Solemnities, 
Orinda's wishes for Cassandra's bliss. 
May her Content be as unmix'd and pure 
As my Affection, and like that endure; 
And that strong Happiness may she still find 
Not owing to her Fortune, but her Mind. 

May her Content and Duty be the same, 
And may she know no Grief but in the name. 
May his and her Pleasure and Love be so 
Involv'd and growing, that we may not know 
Who most Affection or most Peace engrost; 
Whose Love is strongest, or whose Bliss is most. 

May nothing accidental e're appear 
But what shall with new bonds their Souls endear; 
And may they count the hours as they pass, 
By their own Joys, and not by Sun or Glass: 
While every day like this may Sacred prove 
To Friendship, Gratitude, and Strictest Love.