Kenneth Slessor

Here you will find the Poem Adventure Bay of poet Kenneth Slessor

Adventure Bay

SOPHIE'S my world . . . my arm must soon or later 
Like Francis Drake turn circumnavigator, 
Stem the dark tides, take by the throat strange gales 
And toss their spume to stars unknown, as kings 
Rain diamonds to the mob . . . then arch my sails 
By waterspouts of lace and bubbling rings 
Gulfed in deep satin, conquer those warmer waves 
Where none but mermaids ride, and the still caves 
Untrod by sailors . . . aye, and with needle set, 
Rounding Cape Turnagain, take up my way, 
And so to the Ivory Coast . . . and farther yet, 
Port of all drownéd lovers, Adventure Bay!