Kenneth Slessor

Here you will find the Poem Lesbia's Daughter of poet Kenneth Slessor

Lesbia's Daughter

LESBIA'S daughter, I shall tell no lie, 
Here's no fit amber for such a dainty fly. 
Let them embalm your beauty whoso can 
In boastful odes, I'm a more honest man. 
Lovers' abodes with poets' words are paved, 
But prudent girls would get those vows engraved, 
For brass than paper being something stronger 
May last, it's more than like, a fortnight longer. 
Where's the fine music that the fossil men 
Of lost Lemuria brandished on a pen? 
All tossed in earth?men, music, lovers gone? 
And where's the lust a skull has for a bone? 
If joy can turn a moment to a year, 
Why take to Then and There what's meant for Here, 
Or nurture for a cemetery tense 
The curious pleasures of impermanence? 
Look for no lovers on that later scene, 
Let it avail you Are, who shall have Been, 
Burnt utterly the stick you had to burn, 
Lived once, loved well, gave thanks, and won't return.