Kenneth Slessor

Here you will find the Poem New Magic of poet Kenneth Slessor

New Magic

At last I know?it?s on old ivory jars, 
Glassed with old miniatures and garnered once with musk. 
I?ve seen those eyes like smouldering April stars 
As carp might see them behind their bubbled skies 
In pale green fishponds?they?re as green your eyes, 
As lakes themselves, changed to green stone at dusk. 

At last I know?it?s paned in a crystal hoop 
On powder-boxes from some dead Italian girl, 
I?ve seen such eyes grow suddenly dark, and droop 
Their small, pure lids, as if I?d pried too far 
In finding you snared there on that ivory jar 
By crusted motes of rose and smoky-pearl.