Kenneth Slessor

Here you will find the Poem Next Turn of poet Kenneth Slessor

Next Turn

No pause! The buried pipes ring out, 
The flour-faced Antic runs from sight; 
Now Columbine, with scarlet pout, 
Floats in the smoking moon of light. 
Now programmes wave, heads bend between? 
The roaring Years go past in file. 
Soon there's the Transformation Scene? 
And then the Footmen down the aisle. 
For you must wait, before you leave 
This Theatre of Varieties, 
Their frozen fingers on your sleeve, 
Their most respectful 'Now, sir, please!' 
Out in the night, the Carriage stands, 
Plumed with black trees. The Post-boys grin. 
The Coachman beats upon his hands. 
Turn after Turn goes on within.