Kenneth Slessor

Here you will find the Poem To a Friend of poet Kenneth Slessor

To a Friend

ADAM, because on the mind's roads 
Your mouth is always in a hurry, 
Because you know odes 
And ways to make a curry, 
Because you fall in love with words 
And whistle beauty forth to kiss them, 
And blow the tails from China birds 
Whilst I continually miss them, 
Because you top my angry best 
At billiards, fugues or pulling corks out, 
And whisk a fritter from its nest 
Before there's time to hand the forks out, 
Because you saw the Romans wink, 
Because your senses dance to metre, 
Because, no matter what I drink, 
You'll hold at least another litre, 
Because you've got a gipsy's eye 
That melts the rage of catamountains, 
And metaphors that pass me by 
Burst from your lips in lovely fountains, 
Because you've bitten the harsh foods 
Of life, grabbed every dish that passes, 
And walked amongst the multitudes 
Without the curse of looking-glasses, 
Because I burn the selfsame flame 
No falls of dirty earth may smother, 
Oh, in your Abbey of Thélème, 
Enlist me as a serving-brother!