Khalil Gibran

Here you will find the Poem Song of Love XXIV of poet Khalil Gibran

Song of Love XXIV

I am the lover's eyes, and the spirit's 
Wine, and the heart's nourishment. 
I am a rose. My heart opens at dawn and 
The virgin kisses me and places me 
Upon her breast. 

I am the house of true fortune, and the 
Origin of pleasure, and the beginning 
Of peace and tranquility. I am the gentle 
Smile upon his lips of beauty. When youth 
Overtakes me he forgets his toil, and his 
Whole life becomes reality of sweet dreams. 

I am the poet's elation, 
And the artist's revelation, 
And the musician's inspiration. 

I am a sacred shrine in the heart of a 
Child, adored by a merciful mother. 

I appear to a heart's cry; I shun a demand; 
My fullness pursues the heart's desire; 
It shuns the empty claim of the voice. 

I appeared to Adam through Eve 
And exile was his lot; 
Yet I revealed myself to Solomon, and 
He drew wisdom from my presence. 

I smiled at Helena and she destroyed Tarwada; 
Yet I crowned Cleopatra and peace dominated 
The Valley of the Nile. 

I am like the ages -- building today 
And destroying tomorrow; 
I am like a god, who creates and ruins; 
I am sweeter than a violet's sigh; 
I am more violent than a raging tempest. 

Gifts alone do not entice me; 
Parting does not discourage me; 
Poverty does not chase me; 
Jealousy does not prove my awareness; 
Madness does not evidence my presence. 

Oh seekers, I am Truth, beseeching Truth; 
And your Truth in seeking and receiving 
And protecting me shall determine my