Kunal Mehta

Here you will find the Poem Glorious Path of poet Kunal Mehta

Glorious Path

Path of glory adopted by New Leaders, visionaries, and lateral thinkers.

Drawn out Boulevard spread glory a thousand miles –

Dorothy Parker said in “Faute De Mieux”

‘Travel, trouble, music, art,

A kiss, a frock, a rhyme-

I never said they feed my heart,

But still they pass my time.’

New leaders, the modern idealists, valuing TIME – kiss goodbye to lethargy,

Strikes, lock-outs and “do nothings.” Hard working politicians earn reward of

Citizens’ love, notwithstanding personal priorities, they satisfy national need. 


Learning from past is the name of their game

Bringing new future is name of their Mid-Game.

Future-Proofing India is the End-Game.  

Do they have Heart of a Poet?

Yes, Indian leaders have Poetic Feel and “writer’s touch.”

Can they see with a “critic’s eye?”

Politicians have wit of a Satirist.

Leader of New Gathering, known for wisecracks, move-on

Offer splendid choices and alternatives.

Relaxed cheerfulness is now felt in Indian air.

Composed by

Divyang K Chhaya