Li Ching Chao

Here you will find the Poem A Friend Sends Her Perfumed Carriage of poet Li Ching Chao

A Friend Sends Her Perfumed Carriage

A friend sends her perfumed carriage 
And high-bred horses to fetch me. 
I decline the invitation of 
My old poetry and wine companion. 

I remember the happy days in the lost capital. 
We took our ease in the woman's quarters. 
The Feast of Lanterns was elaborately celebrated - 
Folded pendants, emerald hairpins, brocaded girdles, 
New sashes - we competed 
To see who was most smartly dressed. 
Now I am withering away, 
Wind-blown hair, frost temples. 
I prefer to stay beyond the curtains, 
And listen to talk and laughter 
I can no longer share.