Mary Colborne-Veel

Here you will find the Poem Empty Houses of poet Mary Colborne-Veel

Empty Houses


THERE?S not a person in the street, 
 This merry-making summer day! 
 The houses stand in dull array; 
No profit on their doors to beat, 
 For all their owners are away. 
The gardens blossom white and red 
 All solitary in the sun, 
 Save where some timid creatures run; 
Secure across the lawns to tread, 
 No human dangers here to shun,? 
Since men have gone on holiday; 
 Have left the still, suburban street 
 For that wide park, where people meet 
In pleasures till the eve is grey. 
 Oh, but the home-coming is sweet! 

There?s not a person in the street 
 Where wandering in grief I go. 
 These strange small houses, set in row, 
Send out no human form to greet, 
 No busy footfalls to and fro. 
Tall poplars raise their shafts beside; 
 And mingled shades and sunbeams bless 
 God?s Acre, in its quietness? 
God?s town, where men are drawn to bide 
 Untroubled by the world?s distress. 
There comes no opening of the gate, 
 Though to my friend I plead and pray. 
`Patience!? the trees and sunbeams say. 
`Here only empty houses wait, 
 While souls are keeping holiday.?