Mathilde Blind

Here you will find the Poem As Many Stars of poet Mathilde Blind

As Many Stars

AS many stars as are aglow 
Deep in the hollows of the night 
As many as the flowers that blow 
Beneath the kindling light; 

As many as the birds that fly 
Unpiloted across the deep; 
As many as the clouds on high, 
And all the drops they weep; 

As many as the leaves that fall 
In autumn, on the withering lea, 
When wind to thundering wind doth call, 
And sea calls unto sea; 

As many as the multitude 
Of quiet graves, where mutely bide 
The wicked people and the good, 
Laid softly side by side;-- 

So many thoughts, so many tears, 
Such hosts of prayers, are sent on high, 
Seeking, through all Man's perished years, 
A love that will not die.