Mathilde Blind

Here you will find the Poem Dost Thou Remember Ever of poet Mathilde Blind

Dost Thou Remember Ever

Dost thou remember ever, for my sake, 
When we two rowed upon the rock-bound lake? 
How the wind-fretted waters blew their spray 
About our brows like blossom-falls of May 
One memorable day? 

Dost thou remember the glad mouth that cried-- 
"Were it not sweet to die now side by side, 
To lie together tangled in the deep 
Close as the heart-beat to the heart--so keep 
The everlasting sleep?" 

Dost thou remember? Ah, such death as this 
Had set the seal upon my heart's young bliss! 
But, wrenched asunder, severed and apart, 
Life knew a deadlier death: the blighting smart 
Which only kills the heart.