Mathilde Blind

Here you will find the Poem Mystery Of Mysteries of poet Mathilde Blind

Mystery Of Mysteries

BEFORE the abyss of the unanswering grave 
Each mortal stands at last aloof, alone, 
With his beloved one turned as deaf as stone, 
However rebel love may storm and rave. 
No will, however strong, avails to save 
The wrecked identity knit to our own; 
We may not hoard one treasured look or tone, 
Dissolved in foam on Death's dissolving wave. 

Is this the End? This handful of brown earth 
For all releasing elements to take 
And free for ever from the bonds of birth? 
Or will true life from Life's disguises break, 
Called to that vast confederacy of minds 
Which casts all flesh as chaff to all the winds?