Mathilde Blind

Here you will find the Poem You Make the Sunshine of my Heart of poet Mathilde Blind

You Make the Sunshine of my Heart

You make the sunshine of my heart 
And its tempestuous shower; 
Sometimes the thought of you is like 
A lilac bush in flower, 
Yea, honey-sweet as hives in May. 
And then the pang of it will strike 
My bosom with a fiery smart, 
As though love's deeply planted dart 
Drained all its life away. 

My thoughts hum round you, Dear, like bees 
About a bank of thyme, 
Or round the yellow blossoms of 
The heavy-scented lime. 
Ah, sweeter you than honeydew, 
Yet dark the ways of love, 
For it has robbed my soul of peace, 
And marred my life and turned heart's-ease 
Into funereal rue.