Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

Here you will find the Poem Bring Wine of poet Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

Bring Wine


Bring wine, for I am suffering crop sickness from the vintage; 
God has seized me, and I am thus held fast. 
By love?s soul, bring me a cup of wine that is the envy of the 
sun, for I care aught but love. 
Bring that which if I were to call it ?soul? would be a shame, 
for the reason that I am pained in the head because of the soul. 
Bring that whose name is not contained in this mouth, through 
which the fissures of my speech split asunder. 
Bring that which, when it is not present, I am stupid and ig- 
norant, but when I am with it, I am the king of the subtle and 
crafty ones. 
Bring that which, the moment it is void of my head, I become 
black and dark, you might say I am of the infidels. 
Bring that which delivers out of this ?bring? and ?do not 
bring?; bring quickly, and repel me not, saying, ?Whence shall 
I bring it?? 
Bring, and deliver the roof of the heavens through the long 
night from my abundant smoke and lamentations. 
Bring that which after my death, even out of my dust, will 
restore me to speech and thanksgiving even as Najjar. 
Bring me wine, for I am guardian of wine like a goblet, for 
whatever has gone into my stomach I deliver back completely. 
Najjar said, ?After my death would that my people might be 
open-eyed to the ecstasy within me. 
?They would not regard my bones and blood; in spirit I ama 
mighty king, even though in body I am vile. 
?What a ladder I, the Carpenter, have chiseled! My going has 
reached the roof of the seventh heaven. 
?I journeyed like the Messiah, my ass remained below; I do 
no grieve for my ass, nor am I asslike of ears. 
?Do not like Eblis see in Adam only water and clay; see that 
behind the clay are my hundred thousand rose bowers.? 
Shams-e Tabrizi rose up from this flesh saying, ? I am the 
sun. Bring up my head from this mire. 
?Err not, when I enter the mire once more, for I am at rest, 
and am ashamed of this veil. 
?Every morning I will rise up, despite the blind; for the sake 
of the blind I will not cease to rise and set.?