Michael Drayton

Here you will find the Poem Sonnet XXXIX: Some, When in Rhyme of poet Michael Drayton

Sonnet XXXIX: Some, When in Rhyme

Some, when in rhyme they of their loves do tell, 
With flames and lightnings their exordiums paint; 
Some call on Heav'n, some invocate on Hell, 
And Fates and Furies with their woes acquaint. 
Elysium is too high a seat for me; 
I will not come in Styx or Phlegethon; 
The thrice-three Muses but too wanton be; 
Like they that lust, I care not; I will none. 
Spiteful Erinnys frights me with her looks; 
My manhood dares not with foul Ate mell; 
I quake to look on Hecate's charming books; 
I still fear bugbears in Apollo's cell. 
I pass not for Minerva nor Astraea; 
Only I call on my divine Idea.