Owen Suffolk

Here you will find the Poem Untitled 6 of poet Owen Suffolk

Untitled 6

I am so lonely, 
I am so sad, 
Speak one word only 
To make my heart glad, 
Pass not in silence, 
For silence is scorn, 
I am so wretched, 
Unloved, and forlorn. 

In darkness sorrow 
I think through the night 
That each coming morrow 
Brings thee to my sight 
As a star sent to brighten
My gloom with a beam; 
And I fall asleep ever 
With these for a dream. 

I know it is madness 
Thus fondly for me 
To cheat my life's sadness 
With dreaming of thee. 
Our paths through life's journey
Run widely apart, 
And thou can'st be only 
A dream in my heart. 

Then speak in thy kindness
One word to my woe, 
Its music shall haunt me 
Through life as I go. 
I am so lonely,
I am so sad,
One kind word only 
To make my heart glad.