Pierre Ronsard

Here you will find the Poem Ladys Tomb of poet Pierre Ronsard

Ladys Tomb

As in the gardens, all through May, the rose, 
Lovely, and young, and fair apparelled, 
Makes sunrise jealous of her rosy red, 
When dawn upon the dew of dawning glows; 
Graces and Loves within her breast repose, 
The woods are faint with the sweet odour shed, 
Till rains and heavy suns have smitten dead 
The languid flower, and the loose leaves unclose, - 

So this, the perfect beauty of our days, 
When earth and heaven were vocal of her praise, 
The fates have slain, and her sweet soul reposes; 
And tears I bring, and sighs, and on her tomb 
Pour milk, and scatter buds of many a bloom, 
That dead, as living, she may be with roses.