Richard Chenevix Trench

Here you will find the Poem Sonnet 05 of poet Richard Chenevix Trench

Sonnet 05

When hearts are full of yearning tenderness, 
For the loved absent, whom we can not reach -- 
By deed or token, gesture or kind speech, 
The spirit's true affection to express; 
When hearts are full of innermost distress, 
And we are doomed to stand inactive by, 
Watching the soul's or body's agony, 
Which human effort helps not to make less -- 
Then like a cup capacious to contain 
The overflowings of the heart, is prayer: 
The longing of the souls is satisfied, 
The keenest darts of anguish blunted are; 
And, though we can not cease to yearn or grieve, 
Yet we have learned in patience to abide.